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Leadership Tuscarawas

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Leadership Tuscarawas 2016-2017 Class Application

Leadership Tuscarawas

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Program Summary

To develop passionate, visionary leaders to strengthen the community.

The Leadership Tuscarawas Program generally consists of the following segments:

  • Opening Retreat: Participants will kick off the program with a one and one-half day experience comprised of dynamic workshops that focus on building trusting, convivial relationships with class members, providing insights into servant leadership and in-depth personal leadership assessments.
  • Bus Tour: A whirlwind bus tour exploring the cultural, economic, and historic features of Tuscarawas County, covering a wide-ranging area of the county.
  • Community Service Projects: These serve as a learning lab for the participants, where they can immediately apply newly learned skills and approaches to civic leadership while contributing to the community and incorporating service-learning into their program experience.
  • Twenty-first Century Leadership Skills: Learn the attributes and characteristics of effective and appropriate community leaders, including leaders who: Serve out of a personal mission, focus on others, are inclusive and value diversity, foster and support creativity, seek consensus, forge collaborations, lead to a shared vision, and who are change agents.
  • Team Building and Group Process Skills: Learn to work together to solve problems, where each person is concerned about how well the group functions and how each person in the group develops and is able to contribute to the work of the group.
  • Community Awareness Modules: Presenters from the community will illustrate collaboration and advocacy in real life, as we examine the education, arts, justice, economic growth and development, and human services sectors.
  • Board Basics: Participants will share their experiences attending two local non-profit board meetings to understand their unique concerns. Learn the elements of effective boardsmanship from local leaders.
  • Lunch with a Leader: Participants will gather in small groups with area leaders from our for-profit and non-profit sectors, as well as from government and other public agencies to hear real life stories of community leadership in action.

Who We Serve:

Leaders and potential leaders who work or reside in Tuscarawas County.

"2012 Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce Organization of the Year"

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